Isn’t pair-programming fun? I think it is.

Pair-Programming during CodeStory 2012, hosted by the Java User Group

By the way, this photo was taken by José Paumard during the Java User Group session of February 2012, for Code Story contest. Pierre-Yves (on the right, who directly inspired me the title of this blog post) and I (on the left) ranked second, just after Le Merdy brothers.

Imagine yourself live-coding in front of 180 people? You cannot? Well, we probably wouldn’t some time ago, but we did it and it was great!

Not only fun, this experience has been extremely fruitful: I greatly improved my way of using Eclipse (learning shortcuts and using 'em extensively, refactoring by extracts …​). So please, now, run to the closest geek nest and attend some coding dojos!

And big big thanks again to David Gageot and Jean-Laurent de Morlhon for this wonderful idea!