AssertJ-Neo4j is an AssertJ module. AssertJ aims at making tests more concise and readable, by providing a set of rich and broad assertions. They are, at the time of writing, broken down into three modules:

And affiliated with:

This may seem familiar to some of you, for a reason. AssertJ is actually a fork of Fest-Assert, initiated almost a year ago by Joël Costigliola, long-time committer to Fest-Assert. While it shares many similarities, AssertJ brings some novelties as well. Be sure to check the repositories and various examples on the Interwebz.


Neo4j embeds an "impermanent graph database" which definitely helps writing short and efficient integration tests. However, there is still some boilerplate up to the people to write. That’s exactly when AssertJ-Neo4j comes to the rescue. As you can see from AssertJ-examples, Assert-Neo4j will help you write concise and elegant assertions on Node, Relationship (and their common part: PropertyContainer) and Path. Feel free to check the examples here.

Grab it while it’s hot!


While I already have some plans to provide better assertions on collections of Node/Relationship, I am very eager to gather your feedback on this. Feel free to send suggestions on Github or ping me on Twitter!